Nonpublic School Services

The School District of Haverford Township works collaboratively with our community’s nonpublic schools and with families who choose to send their children to nonpublic schools.  Under Equitable Participation (EP), Haverford families may contact the District to request an educational evaluation for the purpose of determining whether or not the student qualifies for special education services. 

Haverford families who wish to pursue educational evaluations for special education determinations should first complete student registration to verify their residency within the District.  Families are not required to enroll students in order to obtain an educational evaluation for special education purposes, but we do ask families to complete registration first to ensure resources are reserved for Haverford residents.  Once registration is complete, and a written request for an evaluation has been received, a representative from Pupil Services will contact you to explain the evaluation process. 

Haverford families who wish to obtain psychological testing for any purpose other than determining eligibility for special education services must contact the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU) as all auxiliary services for nonpublic schools is the responsibility of the DCIU, per Act 89. 

DCIU Office of Equitable Participation

Ryan S. Wilson, Ed. S., NCSP, Supervisor, Pupil Services, Delaware County Intermediate Unit

MCIU Office of Equitable Participation

Contact: Brittany Lourea-Waddell, Director, Student Services 610-755-9433