Safe Arrival FAQ

Q: What are my Username and Password?

A: You need to create an account with a password of your choosing.  Please make sure that you are using the email address that the district has on file in PowerSchool for your Student(s).

Q: Why is the app asking for a School ID/Code?

 The SchoolMessenger info center app does not require an ID or Code to function.  If you are being asked for this, you have clicked on Groups (Haverford is not using the Group functionality) or you have the wrong App.  You should have an app icon that looks like this

The App can be downloaded at the following link, depending on your mobile device:

Download Here

Download Here

Q: Do I still need to send a note in?

A: If you report an absence for your student through SafeArrival, you do not need to send a note in the next day.  If you choose not to use SafeArrival, you will still need to send in an absence note.  

Q: Why don't I see Attendance in the menu?

A: Make sure that the email address you used is the one that is used by the School to send you notifications.  If you have a new email address that you would like to use, please contact your Student's building secretary to have them update the address we have on file for your student in PowerSchool.  This will update SafeArrival overnight and you should see attendance the next day. 

If you still do not see Attendance in the menu, make sure that all notifications on the home screen of the SchoolMessenger app have completely loaded before clicking on the menu.  

Q: Why don't I see one of my students?

A: Contact the school office to make sure that we have the correct email address in PowerSchool for that student. 

Q: What Notifications will I receive?

A: You will receive an email notification as soon as you (or another guardian) enters an absence for your student. 

If you do not enter an absence in SafeArrival, you will receive an email notification on the date of the absence. 

Q: Why does PowerSchool still show the absence as unexcused?

A: The absence will show as unexcused until the next School Day when we transfer the data between SafeArrival and PowerSchool.

Q: My App used to work, but now i don't see attendance or notifications?

It sounds like you need to perform a refresh of the data in your app.   

The steps to perform this refresh are:

1. Open the SchoolMessenger app.

2. Go to the menu in the upper left corner.

3. Choose contacts.

4. Once in contacts, press the refresh button in the upper right hand corner.

5. This screen will still show an error, but when you open the menu from the upper left the second time, you will have access to Attendance. Messages will also be populated with all recent messages you were sent. 

6. At this point, your app should be functioning normally again. If not, contact your building secretary to verify that the correct email address is in PowerSchool.