Math Principles

Mathematical proficiency is essential for every student attending the School District of Haverford Township. Students need to be able to represent and solve problems; explain and justify solutions; and see mathematics as sensible, useful, and worthwhile. In order to achieve this goal, all students must have access to challenging and meaningful mathematics. The message to all students is that they can learn mathematics and are expected to achieve.

What does this look like in all mathematics classrooms throughout Haverford? 

o   All students have the opportunity to develop both conceptual understanding (the why) and procedural fluency (the how). 
o   All students collaborate on purposeful tasks. 
o   All students have the opportunity to develop the ability to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
o   All students are engaged in modeling with mathematics.
All students are given the opportunity to use appropriate tools (e.g., pencil and paper, physical models, measurement devices, graph paper, and calculators) strategically.