Middle School Humanities

English Language Arts

English Literature and History instruction in the secondary schools builds on the comprehension strategies taught in prior grades while increasing the academic challenge of the text.  These include rigorous and engaging literature selections as well as primary and secondary source documents.  Students are taught how to interact with text, synthesize and evaluate what they have read, and develop an argument with substantive evidence. Through collaborative discussions and seminars, students develop skills to be ready for college and beyond.

For more information, see the English Language Arts Curriculum Guides

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum is aligned with the Inquiry Design Model and the practices of the College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Students learn background content which is supported by intermittent inquiries. This provides the opportunity for students to dive deeper into a compelling question, by asking and answering supporting questions while using a variety of primary and secondary resources.  Students will have the opportunity to take informed action at some point during the year. 

See Social Studies Curriculum Guides for more information.