Elementary Humanities

Elementary English Language Arts

In English Language Arts (ELA), students learn the PA Common Core Standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening through literature, close reading, phonics, and vocabulary instruction.  They are taught to express their ideas and analyze author’s craft through oral and written expression. This instruction is supported with additional reading instruction where it is indicated.  

Curriculum Guides and Parent/Guardian Resources


Elementary Social Studies

Elementary Social Studies explores topics that help our students learn about their world and their relationship to the world and others. Our social studies curriculum is aligned with the Inquiry Design Model and the practices of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

Primary students participate in various inquiries that align with the civic, economic, geography, and history standards.  Beginning in fourth grade, students learn background content which is supported by intermittent inquiries. This provides the opportunity for students to dive deeper into a compelling question, by asking and answering supporting questions while using a variety of primary and secondary resources.  Students will have the opportunity to take informed action at some point during the year. 

See Social Studies Curriculum Guides for course descriptions and more information.