How does Haverford Online Work for Elementary, Middle, and High School?


Students at the elementary level will receive a combination of live, interactive and recorded, self-paced instruction. Teachers may also meet with students in small groups or one-on-one throughout the week. Students follow a daily schedule that is similar to in-person school. 

Elementary students will need support from an adult at home to establish the structure and guidance a younger student needs to establish and manage a daily routine. 

An adult at home can expect to:

  • Devote several hours each day to overseeing (not teaching) the child’s schoolwork and ensuring the child is staying on track.
  • Support students with the daily schedule including varied activities and breaks. 
  • Communicate frequently with the child’s teacher. 
  • Assist with monitoring student progress and comprehension

The role of an adult at home in a virtual learning program is consistent across all cyber programs and is considered a best practice in making virtual learning successful at the elementary level.

Middle and High School

The middle and high school Haverford Online program will include a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students follow a daily schedule that is similar to in-person school.  
As students become more independent, an adult at home can help to support a student with adhering to schedules and accomplishing goals. They will need to verify that lessons and assignments are completed, and may need to communicate with teachers.