Frequently Asked Questions

Haverford Online FAQs 7/21/20  5:00 - 6:30 PM

This list will be updated with responses to additional questions discussed at the live session and those received after July 21.

  1. What is Haverford Online? Haverford Online is the District’s K-12, full-time, online option for the 2020-21 school year. This program is taught by our teachers, using our own curriculum (and supplemented with some by Pearson, a national curriculum provider) and is designed to meet the needs of students and families during the pandemic. The program will provide a mixture of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) instruction. We will work to build an online community of learners, and will support students with IEPs, GIEPs, and 504 plans.  This is not pandemic remote learning and will offer a different experience.

  2. What is the balance of live (synchronous) and recorded/flexible (asynchronous) instruction?  Elementary and secondary students will have live interaction at least once daily, and this can expand as more students enroll. Best practices in cyber education are truly a mixture of live and recorded instruction and assignments. Cyber programs are not designed to offer a full day of synchronous learning. Students will virtually interact with teachers through a combination of individual, small and whole group instruction.

  3. How will lessons and assignments be posted?  These will be posted on a daily basis. Grades will be based upon student work.  

  4. What kind of technology do students need for Haverford Online?  All students will be provided a Chrome Tablet or Chromebook to complete their instruction and work. Other supplies may be provided by the district, as well.

  5. How will students interact with their peers? Students in grades K-12 will have live daily interaction with classmates and teachers. In grades 3-12, the amount of live interaction with peers will vary depending upon the total number of students in each class. We understand the need for connection with peers and will work to facilitate that. 

  6. How will students stay connected to their brick-and-mortar schools?  Principals will communicate with students in Haverford Online to ensure they stay connected to events in the schools. All students who participate in Haverford Online may participate in any school activities/clubs/athletics in the form that they are offered.  

  7. Will students be allowed to participate in some Haverford Online classes and some in-person classes?   We would prefer that students select either all online or all in-person instruction so that we can provide continuity in classroom learning. High school students who would like to combine Haverford Online with in-person classes should indicate this preference on the registration form, as this is easier to facilitate at the high school level. A final decision will be made once we can tabulate the number of students who identify this preference per course. 
  8. How will Haverford Online parents be included in their child’s learning and in the schools?  Teachers will be in communication with parents/guardians, and principals, counselors, and other administrators will communicate with parents in the same way they would in a brick-and-mortar school. Parents/guardians remain a part of their School PTOs. 

  9. What will Haverford Online curriculum be like?  What will the pacing be, and how will assessments be handled?  In grades K-2, Haverford teachers will use the District’s curriculum, exclusively. In grades 3-12, our goal is that all core classes in math, science, English, and social studies are able to be delivered with the school district curriculum; however, depending on the total enrollment, some classes may also use the Pearson Connexus curriculum program.

  10. Will classes at the high school follow the block schedule format?  Yes, the high school schedule will be in a block format. We aim to make sure that the pace is consistent with in-person classes.

  11. How will students transition back and forth between Haverford Online and the in-person program? We would prefer that most transitions occur at the trimester, quarter, or semester points.

  12. Are lessons or course guides available for review?  The Haverford Online Course Selection Guide will be posted the week of July 27. Daily lessons will not available, as teachers adjust plans according to the learning that occurs each day; current course descriptions are available on our website and in the HS Course Selection Guide.

  13. Will honors or Advanced Placement courses be offered?  We are striving to provide all AP and Honors courses, but there may be some limitations. If a course cannot be offered for Haverford Online, students will need to work with their counselors to find an appropriate alternative course. 

  14. What will electives look like? We hope to offer many electives with our teachers and our curriculum but may need to supplement the electives offered with the material available by Pearson Connexus. 

  15. How will science labs be completed?  We will be providing opportunities for students to experiment at home with user-friendly resources.  

  16. What is the student/teacher ratio?  We expect to have class sizes very similar to our brick-and-mortar classes (or less).  K-12 classes will run at approximately 1 teacher for 25 students. 

  17. What kind of training will teachers have for Haverford Online? Teachers will have complete training in best practices in teaching and learning in the virtual environment, as well as a variety of related topics. They will have the full support of our administrative team to help learning come alive in an online format.

  18. Can Haverford Online be more flexible for older students?  While Haverford Online students will have more flexibility in pacing at the secondary level, they will still be expected to log in daily to complete assignments. 

  19. Who can I contact for more information?  You can contact Tricia Notte at If you have questions about your child’s IEP or 504 Plan, please contact one of the following:  elementary - Natalya Adelizzi at; secondary - Jessica Gondek at If you have any questions about your child’s GIEP, please contact David Parker at

  20. What if I am interested in homeschooling? Families that would like to consider homeschool can find information here