Registration Information

We are asking families to commit for one semester for Haverford Online since too much switching in and out of the program will impact educational continuity and class sizes.

Requests to participate in Haverford Online will be fulfilled until class sizes prevent additions to courses already in progress. If a course is full, then students will have the option of participating in online learning through a more self-paced curriculum provided by Pearson. Students participating in this program will be overseen by a Haverford teacher and have access to all of Haverford’s supports and services.  

If you are new to the district, please see this webpage for information regarding registration. 

If you are currently registered in the district and would like to register in Haverford Online courses, please contact one of the following:

Jerry Ummarino
610-853-5900 X6139
Middle School
Erika Harvey
610-853-5900 X5581

High School
John Berardoni
610-853-5900 X2541

Teacher on Special Assignment
Patricia Notte