Haverford Online

Once you enroll in an online course, you will be given instructions on how to access that course.  You can work on your course in a variety of environments, including your school building, the Cyber Cafe in the Oakmont Administration Building, at home, or anywhere that you have access to the internet.  Your online courses are flexible and allow you to work at any time of day.  You will be given a welcome letter which will include a timeline for your course(s).  You should plan to work for at least one hour per course per day.  For example, if you are enrolled in four courses, you should plan to work on your online courses for four hours every school day.  It is important that you stay motivated in order to be successful in your online courses.

Enrollment Process 

New Students

Students who are new to the School District of Haverford Township should contact Dr. Jeffrey Nesbitt to make an appointment to enroll in Haverford Online. 

Existing Students

High School students who wish to enroll in Haverford Online must make an appointment with their guidance counselor. At that appointment, the student will complete a self-assessment regarding learning style. The counselor will also complete a questionnaire about the student. Together, the student and counselor will review the course catalog and make a request for the classes in which the student would like to enroll. This request will be sent to the Haverford Online office.  A recommendation will be made for the appropriate online program to be utilized based on the student’s self-assessment, counselor questionnaire, and course requests. Once the student is enrolled in the online program, they will be trained. The student can then start working on his/her online courses!

Parents of students in grades kindergarten though 8th grade should contact Dr. Jeffrey Nesbitt to enroll.

For online math courses at the honors level, students will be expected to take four paper-and-pencil exams at the Oakmont Administion Building or at Haverford High School during scheduled times.  The exams will be scheduled towards the end of each quarter.  The student's grade in the online class will be composed of the online work and scores on the exams.  The overall grade will be calculated as follows:
Online work = 50% 
Exam 1 = 10%
Exam 2 = 10% 
Exam 3 = 10% 
Exam 4 (final exam) = 20% 
The first three exams are created by ALEKS, and the final exam is the same final given to students who take the traditional course at Haverford High School.