Haverford Online

Haverford Online is an online educational program for Haverford students in grades kindergarten to 12.   

Currently, the Haverford online programming will consist of asynchronous learning through Pearson courses. We will build on the success of our pre-Covid online learning model to offer an option to families who prefer their children to remain virtual. A Haverford teacher will be assigned to support, track, and check in regularly with students. This will include live interactions with the teacher and opportunities for contact throughout the week. Students will continue to have access to all supports and resources available at the buildings, and they will remain a part of their neighborhood school community through their participation in activities if they so choose. 

Haverford Online course descriptions for grades 9-12 are available here.

Links to Support HOL Families:

FAQs for Secondary Students

HOL Truancy Prevention Procedures

Archive of HOL Newsletters (2022-2023)

How to Read APEX Reports

HOL Learning Lounge

If your child is new to the district, please register here.

If your child is currently registered in the district and you would like more information or to register in Haverford Online courses, please contact one of the following:

Teacher on Special Assignment
Megan Malligan
610-853-5900 x7033

Jerry Ummarino 
610-853-5900 x8128
Middle School
Erika Harvey or your child's counselor
610-853-5900 x5581

High School
John Berardoni or your child's counselor
610-853-5900 x2541