Curriculum & Instruction

The work of the Curriculum & Instruction Department is directed by the district’s mission: “To educate and to inspire a community of lifelong learners.” Our aim is to enhance educational consistency across all Haverford schools with high standards for all, and to create a seamless educational experience for students - kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The Curriculum & Instruction team provides leadership, expertise, and support in the development, implementation, revision, and assessment of all district instructional programs. The Department works collaboratively with principals, teachers, assistants, and others to meet the district’s educational goals. The team analyzes and reports on the results of our schools’ PA and national assessments, directs curriculum mapping, and supports schools with local benchmark assessments. Throughout the year, we design professional development opportunities that include examining the existing curriculum and training our teachers in research-based instructional methods.

The Curriculum team, in collaboration with principals and teachers, has developed a curriculum review cycle to be implemented beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.  A curriculum cycle includes a periodic review of curricula that may result in revision and/or replacement of resources. Its purpose and benefits are manifold. 
A curriculum cycle ensures: 
            Continuous focus on curriculum as some of the district’s primary work
            Dependable, timely attention to all content areas
            Coherent K12 Curricula
            Systematic allocation of resources
            Manageable implementation schedules
            Long-range budget planning

We are pleased to implement this cycle, which would not be possible without the support of our School Board of Directors. As the cycle progresses, we will seek input of all stakeholders and post revisions to this site. Please see below for the cycle and relevant documents. 


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