Extended Closure Resources

Flexible Learning: New Learning Guidelines

Students will begin flexible learning on Monday, March 30th and continue on a weekday schedule through Wednesday, April 8th – schedules that detail dates later in April will be announced as we get further direction from the Governor. As our team discussed how to structure the instructional calendar for the next stage of closures, it did not make sense to have students engaged in learning and then interrupt it with spring break. We did, however, understand the need for teachers, students, and parents/guardians to have “catch-up days” embedded in the calendar so that everyone could catch up, reorganize, and plan as we all adjust to this new mode of instructional delivery and learning. 

Please see the attached Flexible Learning Handbook for specifics related to flexible learning.  We will need parents' collaboration to assure students attendance and keeping up with their assignments and work.

A visual of the two-week instructional calendar appears below.

All learning assignments will be posted via your child’s learning platform on Monday mornings.  Those learning assignments that will be collected will be due no earlier than Friday by noon. On Friday afternoon, we encourage the entire district and community to engage in mindfulness and wellness practices that will support the emotional and social well being of all of us. For ideas and resources, visit the counselor and nurse websites. 

Students who have internet access are also welcome to use the online resources already available to them such as Study Island, Reflex Math, and RAZ Kids. Other interesting ideas are available at sites like those listed below.


Our district buses will be in the following locations and times with our teachers to help distribute lunches. Tuesdayincludes breakfast and lunch for two days and Thursday includes breakfast and lunch for three days. If you have any issues please call the transportation department at 610-853-5929. 

Bus  Time Stop Location
11:00 AM Pilgrim Ln @ Rear Shopping Center
11:15 AM Haverford Hill
11:30 AM Manoa School
11:45 AM Manoa Rd @ Sacred Heart School
12:05 PM Old LA Fitness W Chester Pike

Bus  Time Stop Location
11:00 AM Sr High @ Front
11:15 AM Haverford Middle School @ Front
11:35 AM Coopertown School
11:55 AM Rail Road & Miller @ Preston Field
12:15 PM Chestnutwold School On Belmont Ave
12:35 PM Powder Mill & Remington @ Park

Bus  Time Stop Location
11:15 AM Oakmont School 
11:35 AM Waterford Apts
11:55 AM Hollow Run Apts
12:15 PM Lynnewood School
12:35 PM Walnut Hill Ln & Westgate Rd

Bus  Time Stop Location
11:15 AM Landillo RD & Darby Rd  @ School
11:35 AM Chatham Park School Parking Lot
11:55 AM Myrtle Av & Chatham Rd  @ Church
12:20 PM Juniper Rd by Post Office
12:40 PM Concord Ave @ Bethany Church

Technology Resources

TechnologyDistribution and Access 

Cleaning of Devices

  • Devices can be wiped down with a semi-moist Clorox wipe. Wipes should be rung out so they are not too damp. 
  • In the absence of a wipe, a paper towel can be sprayed with a disinfectant and then used to wipe the device, again, making sure that the towel is not too moist. 
  • Nothing should be sprayed directly onto devices.