Before & After School Safety

Children's safety is a shared concern for schools and parents.  The School District of Haverford Township conducts many activities including building, ground, and bus inspections, health examinations and nursing care, guidance and health lessons and wellness activities to support the healthy development of our students. Below are some suggestions and resources to help continue those efforts beyond the school day. 

Discuss with your child age appropriate strategies for remaining safe while at home, in the community, and before and after school. 

When you speak to your children, do so in a calm, non-threatening manner. Children do not need to be frightened to get the point across. Fear may actually work at cross-purposes to the safety message, because fear can be paralyzing to a child.

Speak openly about safety issues. Children will be less likely to come to you if the issue is enshrouded in secrecy. If they feel you are comfortable discussing the subject matter, they may be more forthcoming to you.

Please check out these resources to help support children's safety in our community: 

Create family rules and procedures to create a safe environment for your child.

Ask your neighbors to take turns  as able to monitor bus stops, or wait with children before and after school.

Start a neighborhood watch program.  Report suspicious activity to local police.

Check the Megan's Law Web site to be aware of required public notifications of offenders in our area. 

For additional resources, please check out these links below: 

Fridge Sheet: Download this sheet to create a list of important phone numbers for your child and family