High School Renovations Project

School Board Meeting Presentations:

09/23/21: High School Project: Phase 2 - KCBA

07/22/21: High School Project: Phase 2 - Ken Matthews, C.B. Development and Ryan Orr, KCBA

11/05/20: Haverford High School Construction Documents Update - Ken Matthews, C.B. Development and Ryan Orr, KCBA

09/03/20: High School Project - Ryan Orr, KCBA and Ken Matthews, C.B.Development

05/21/20: Haverford High School Design Development Update - Mr. Ken Matthews, C.B. Development and Mr. Ryan Orr, KCBA

3/21/19: Update on High School Project – CBD/KCBA (Haverford High School Zoning Design)

12/06/18: Presentation of High School Schematic Design and Cost Estimate (Haverford High School Schematic Design)

9/20/18: Financing Facilities Needs

8/23/18: Haverford HS Program/Capacity Study slides 1-25
                 Haverford HS Program/Capacity Study slides 26-38

7/12/18: Capital Building Projects Presentation

2/15/18: Overview of District Facilities Planning