Flexible Learning - Week of May 18th


Just a reminder to submit a photo of yourself doing a music activity at home for our end-of-year slideshow!  You could be playing an instrument (even your homemade one!), singing, dancing, or showing us one of your completed written music activities.  

Upload your photo to our shared Google Drive folder HERE

(Feel free to check out all my past week's music lessons for some inspiration!)

3rd Grade

If you have not done so, please take a moment to review the 3rd Grade Instrumental Introduction from our Band and Orchestra teachers, Dr. Shanefield and Mrs. Greenberg.  After reviewing the introduction, consider your instrument and submit the google form to sign up for your 4th grade instrument.  Click HERE to access the intro and google form.

5th Grade Chorus Members

We're going to create a FlipGrid Mixtape with "The Circle Game!"

First, please watch this video tutorial with directions on how to submit to our grid. In the tutorial, I show you how to use the audio track provided as you record yourself singing.  (You must be logged into your school email to view.)

Then, go to flipgrid.com and enter the code "circlegame2020" to join the grid and submit your singing video!

Submit your video by this Friday, May 22nd.  I will then create a FlipGrid "MixTape", so we can see everyone together :-)


ALL Chorus Members (4th and 5th Grades)

Create a FlipGrid video singing one of your favorite songs we learned in Chorus this year!

Go to flipgrid.com and enter the code "chathamchorus2020" to join the grid and submit your video!  Links to the vocal tracks of each song are provided in the grid directions.  If you haven't used FlipGrid before, check out the video tutorial I made above.

Submit your video by the Friday, May 22nd.  I will create a FlipGrid "MixTape", so we can see everyone together :-)


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