Flexible Learning - Week of June 1st

  • Flexible Learning


Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Compare two melodies and recognize if they are the same or different.  Click on the polka-dot balloon first, and listen to the melody.  Then, click on the balloon with the question mark and listen to its melody.  Were the melodies the same or different?  Choose your answer at the bottom by clicking either the "same" or "different" button.  Continue the game until you've filled your progress bar!  Click HERE to go to the game.


2nd and 3rd Grades

Learn the cup song!  Grab a plastic or paper cup, then click HERE to watch a video tutorial.  Once you've mastered the moves, try it out with the song, "When I'm Gone."  

Challenge:  Can you perform the same moves to a different song???


4th and 5th Grades

Compose your own song using Chrome Music Lab's "Song Maker".  Click on the grid boxes to add a note.  The boxes with the dots on the bottom are your percussion boxes.  You can change the instruments by clicking on the circles at the bottom left with the instrument in them.  When you've finished your song, click "Save" on the bottom right and copy and paste your link to share with your friends and family!  Feel free to send me your link, as well! (sgenstein@haverfordsd.net)

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