Flexible Learning - Week of April 6th

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Use your creative movement skills as you dance to "Move and Freeze!"  Feel free to make up your own movements/dances, but freeze in place when you hear the word, "freeze!"  Remember your movement levels - high, medium and low.  This will create a more fun and interesting dance, and you'll find yourself freezing in some pretty cool poses!  Move to the beat.  Click here to watch and dance along.

Objective:  Enhance creative movement skills while maintaining an internal steady beat.

1st Grade

Keep the beat!  Pick two of your favorite songs and practice keeping a steady beat.  Find a way to keep the beat while you listen.  You could pat your lap, clap your hands, stomp your feet, tap your toe, or find your own creative way!

Remember that the beat is nice and steady.  If you tap along with the way the words go, then you are playing the rhythm and not the beat.

Objective:  Keep a steady beat using various forms of body percussion.

2nd Grade

This week, you will go on a "Sound Walk."  You can go on your sound walk in your house, your bedroom, your backyard, etc.  Once you've chosen a place for your sound walk, write it down onto your worksheet.  Then, take a walk around and listen for 5 different sounds you hear.  They could be close by or from far away.  This also doubles as a great mindfulness activity!

The elements you are looking for on your Sound Walk worksheet are "sound", "what is vibrating", "is the pitch high or low?", and "is it loud or soft?"  Here's an example of each:

Sound: Rustling... What is vibrating?: Leaves...Is the Pitch High or Low?: High...Is it Loud or Soft?: Soft

To go to the Sound Walk worksheet, click here.

Objective: Enhance ability to listen to, and recognize pitches and dynamics of objects at home and/or in nature.

3rd Grade

What book would make a great song?  Name the book and then explain the reasons why it would be a great song in the first paragraph.  In the next paragraph, write about what kind of song it would be.  Describe the style and genre and why you think they would best represent the book.

Click here to go to the worksheet. 

Objective:  Make musical connections to literature.

4th Grade

Music symbol "cut and paste."  Cut out the symbols at the bottom of the page, then glue them into the box with the correct name.  Click here to go to the worksheet.

Once you have all your symbols glued into place, click here to see how you did!

Objective: Recognize important, frequently used musical symbols and their names.

5th Grade

Create your own hand washing dance!  Use your dance to teach others how to properly wash their hands.  Pick your favorite song and plan out your dance choreography to go along with it.  How would you show all the steps to washing your hands...through dance?  Here are a couple tips to get your creative juices flowing:

- If your song has lyrics, they do not have to be about hand washing.  

- Your song could be fast or slow.

- Think outside the box!  Use your levels (high, medium, low)

- Infuse your own unique personality into your dance.  

- Feel free to include a friend or family member in your dance, if you like!

- For an example of a hand washing dance, click here.

- Have fun with this!

Objective:  Use creative movement and dance skills we have learned in music class to teach an important life skill.

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