Flexible Learning - Week of April 27th

  • Flexible Learning


All Grades K-5

Create your own instrument and play a rhythm!  2nd and 3rd grades have already done step 1 from last week, but I enjoyed this one so much, I thought it would be great for all grades!

Step 1 - Create your own instrument (2nd and 3rd grades can skip to step two, since you did step one last week.). Below are a couple video tutorials on how to make an instrument at home:

Egg Carton "Egg Shakers"

Make Your Own Maracas

Have fun and decorate your new instrument.  You can even give it a cool name!

Step 2 - Play a rhythm on your new instrument.  You can use the rhythm of your favorite poem or nursery rhyme.  You can also use rhythms that we have previously learned in music class.  Below are some examples from each grade.  Click on each one to reveal the words of the poem:

Kindergarten - "Mama Caught a Flea"

1st Grade - "One, Two, Tie My Shoe"

2nd Grade - "Peas, Porridge, Hot"

3rd Grade - "I Like Pie"

4th Grade - "Peanutbutter Pie"

5th Grade - "Cookie Dough"

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