Flexible Learning - Week of April 20th

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1. Find two objects in your home - one large and one small.  These should NOT be fragile objects.

2. Gently tap a rhythm on each object using your finger or a pencil.

3. If you remember from our "Sound is Vibration" lesson, larger objects are going to sound lower and smaller objects are going to sound higher.

4. Create a simple rhythm using both of your objects.  Think of playing them like bongos!

1st Grade

Clap and speak each rhythm on the Rhythm Workout Sheet.  Use your "du" and "du-de" rhythm syllables.

2nd and 3rd Grade

Create an instrument that shakes!  Use what you have at home and what works for your family.  Here are a couple video tutorials:

Egg Carton "Egg Shakers"

Make Your Own Maracas

Have fun and decorate your shaker!  Keep in in a safe place for future music lessons.

4th Grade

1. Pull out your Spring Rhythm from last week.  Now, you will add body percussion.  Give each phrase its own sound.  For example, "planting flowers" could be snapping your fingers.

2. Once you have assigned your body percussion to your words, try it out (body percussion and words)

3.  When you feel comfortable, take the words away and just perform the body percussion.

4.  If you're feeling ambitious, transfer your rhythm to an instrument you have at home.  You could also use everyday objects you have in your home as instruments!

5th Grade

Create a Rainbow Rhythm!  I've been noticing lots of rainbow pictures being hung in windows as a way of bringing joy and positivity to those who pass by.  Let's take that a step further by adding our own rhythms!  When you've finished, hang your Rainbow Rhythm in your window!

Rainbow Rhythm Directions

Rainbow Rhythm - Rhythm Pattern Sheet

Rainbow Rhythm - Rainbow Sheet

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