Flexible Learning - Week of April 13th

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Sing and read along to "Up, Up, Up!"  Click here to go to the song.

1st Grade

1.  Sing and read along to "Down By the Bay."  Click here to go to the song.

2.  Next, use this worksheet to write your own verse!  Make sure your words rhyme.  For example: "Have you ever seen a bug stuck in a rug!"

3.  Once you've come up with your own verse, write it at the bottom of the page, then draw a picture of it in the box.

4.  Sing your new verse!

2nd Grade

Clap and speak each rhythm on the Rhythm Workout sheet.  Use your du's, du-de's, du-ta-de-ta's, and du-u (for the half note.)

3rd Grade

This week would have been our Recorder Concert on Thursday (the 16th.) Even though we cannot celebrate our recorder achievements together, you can still celebrate at home!  If you have a recorder at home, play all of your favorite recorder songs we learned this year.  If you can, perform them for your family.  If you do not have a recorder at home, you can still sing and chin play!  Don't forget about "Happiness!"  It's the perfect uplifting song to perform at the end of your home performance.  I have added the accompaniment track for you to sing along to.  Click here to go to the recorder page for all the music.

Also, please take a moment to watch these video introductions from our instrumental music teachers, Dr. Shanefield and Mrs. Greenberg.

Dr. Shanefield Video

Mrs. Greenberg Video


4th Grade

Complete the Spring Rhythm Composition activity.  When you've finished, save it for next week!

5th Grade

Practice identifying notes on the Treble Clef.  Click here to go to the exercise.  Try to get at least 50 correct!

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