Math Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Students will extend their place value knowledge by identifying the place value of each digit in a number up to the ten thousands place.  They will be able to express numbers in word, standard, and expanded forms.  Students will learn to order these numbers from least to greatest and compare them using less than, greater than, and equal to signs.  Students will be able to apply these skills to identify and create patterns.  All of this will be taught first by using concrete items such as, base ten blocks, number strips and lines, and place value charts.


Vocabulary Terms to Review with your Child:


Digit- a single number (457- has 3 digits 4, 5, 7)

Word form- number written in words (four hundred fifty seven)

Standard form- number written with numbers (457)

Expanded form- number written out by place value (400 + 50 + 7)

Greater than- larger quantity

Less than- smaller quantity

Least- Representing the smallest quantity

Greatest- Representing the largest quantity





How Can you Help at Home?


·      Play war with cards or dice creating two, three or four digit numbers.  Have your child compare the amounts.  The person with the greatest amount wins then represent the numbers in a sentence using greater than, less than, or equal to signs to collect all the cards.  Or have them compare them and display the number in a new form.

·      When given a multi-digit number, ask your child what each digit represents

·      Create a place value chart

·      Use a number line to figure out patterns and how to skip count

·      Help your child compare numbers by asking questions about “more than”, “less than”, and “equal”.

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