Summer Art Resource Page

Summer Art Resource Page


Virtual Museum tours (these include art museums as well as zoos, National Parks, and Aquariums):


Drawing sites:

Most drawing sites require a subscription.  You can visit YouTube videos for free.  On the YouTube search bar type in what you want to learn how to draw, such as ‘Draw a Beach Chair for kids’. 

If you want to search for a specific image go to Google Images, then type in the image you would like to see.  Clip art is easier to draw as it is usually just a black and white image, such as; Hammock clip art.

Art Books:  Never let a unicorn Scribble  The art lesson  Bob Ross and Peapod the Squirrel  The Colors of Us  The Day the Crayons Came Home  The Day the Crayons Quit  Frida  Anywhere Artist  Katie and the Waterlily pond  Katie and the Starry Night  Katie Meets the Impressionists Katie and the Spanish Princess  Katie and the Mona Lisa  When Pigasso met Mootise


And I am sure you can find more of these!

And don’t forget about the Mati and Dada series about famous artists. 


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