Flexible Art Learning Opportunity, Week 9 May 25-29, 2020

Hi Chatham Park Architects!  This week’s art lesson will have you designing your dream home, castle or even building your own special fort.  Below are two of my favorite architects. Check out their awesome art, then try one of the ideas below to make your own architecture. 

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

Buildings are where we live, work and play.  Buildings shelter us from the weather.  But how does a building come to be?  That is architecture!


Architecture is the art and science of building.  The art of architecture means a building is beautiful and works well.  The science of architecture is how a building is constructed and stands up.  It takes both of these to make a good building.  An architect knows this because they are someone who designs buildings.


Buildings can be about small designs such as a house addition, or large designs such as a skyscraper.  Some buildings are designed and built for businesses, like an office building or a hotel.  Other buildings are built for the needs of a city or a town, like a police station or a school.  Yes, even our school was designed by an architect.


What is an architect? 

An architect is a person who designs buildings.  Many architects say that they wanted to be an architect since they were little.  There is something about designing buildings that is exciting!


When designing a building, the architect not only draws the plans, but also works with engineers and other specialists to make the project real.  The architect also meets with the owner of the house or building to show them the design ideas to make sure they like the building when it is finished.


Architecture projects can take a few weeks, a few months or even a few years to build depending on how big and how complicated the building is.  The architect is the person who leads the project, from the first design sketches all the way to when the final finishing coats of paint are put on the building.


Ancient Architecture 

Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Parthenon, Greece

Colosseum, Rome

Taj Mahal, India

Modern Architects & Architecture

Maya Lin is most famous for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. But she has created all kinds of buildings and sculptures too. She was born in 1959 in Ohio, and is still alive and creating today. I really like her castle chapel- the entire ceiling is made of windows!  Click here to learn more about Maya Lin.

Maya Lin                 Vietnam Memorial, Maya Lin



 Langston Hughes Library, Maya Lin             Lady Chapel, Maya Lin   


Frank Lloyd Wright created houses, other buildings, furniture, art, and stained glass windows too! His most famous house is Falling Water, which sits above it’s own waterfall! He lived from 1867 to 1959 and was born in Wisconsin.  

Click here to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright.


Frank Lloyd Wright                                Falling Water House, Frank Lloyd Wright           


Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Guggenheim Art Museum,

Frank Lloyd Wright                        Frank Lloyd Wright



Now it is your turn to be an architect! 

What will you create? A mansion or castle? Museum, temple or stadium? 

It could be a pet store, apartment, school, or anything you dream up! 

Learning Objective: Students will have the opportunity to put their creative and problem solving abilities to use in this lesson, when they become an architect and design, plan and/or construct their own building.


Try just one or all four of these ideas: 


1. Design your dream house, castle or palace with pencil or other art materials.  

You may even plan the landscaping too. 

If you need help try this video:  How To Draw A 3D House


2. Design a castle.  If you need help getting started watch this video:

How To Draw A Castle

3. Or even design a beautiful palace. 

Watch this video to see how to draw a palace using the word Palace!

How To Draw A Palace


4. You many plan and build a 3D building using boxes


Lesson Extensions: 

Stamp a blueprint (a plan of a building) with cardboard on blue paper and white paint. Cut up pieces of cardboard and dip them in paint to stamp a straight-edge.  

(If you don’t have paint, you can use coffee, tea or watered down food coloring on white paper)


Design and create a fort with pillows and blankets. 

If you need help watch this video: How to Build a Sheet Fort


Most importantly, HAVE FUN and send me your photos at ecohan@haverfordsd.net


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