Flexible Art Learning Opportunity, Week 11 June 8-11

To My Amazing Chatham Park Artists!!!

What a year this year was...It is one we will never forget!!  I have missed seeing all of you in school for the last 3 months, and watching you be your most creative selves in my classroom.  I hope you have enjoyed the Chatham Park Virtual Art Show I posted.  If not, here is a link to the video posted on Youtube:

Chatham Park Virtural Art Show 2020

This is our last and final week for creating art virtually from our homes.  Feel free to do any of the lessons that have been posted since March, or feel free to try this last one.  It is simple and meaningful given what is happening across America now. 

Two Hands One Heart Project

I hope you all have a wonderful peaceful summer, and I hope to see all of you at school in the fall!!  Please feel free to share any art you create over the summer.  I love seeing your work. 

Artfully Yours...Mrs. Cohan xo

My email is: ecohan@haverfordsd.net

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