Flexible Art Learning Opportunity, Week 10 June 1-5, 2020

Hey Chatham Park Bulldogs...

I believe this is the last week for Flexible Art Learning Opportunities.  It is hard to believe this our 10th  week of Online Learning.  I hope you have fun with the art lessons I supplied online for you these last few months of school.  Feel free to go back and do any of the lessons you didn't do.  Michael's Art Supply had a lot of fun-looking recycled cardboard tube projects that are different from the earlier ones we did.  Check out the options in the link below.

Recycled Tube Art


Here are a few other options that look fun:

4-5th Graders...Draw the New Superhero, Health Care Worker





Learning Objective: Proportion


3-4th Graders...Animals with Attitude

Learning Objective: Perspective



2-3rd Graders...Yoga Frog

Learning Objective: Movement



K-2nd Graders...Geometric Seal


Learning Objective: Shapes


Have fun and remember to share your art with me at ecohan@haverfordsd.net


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