Flexible Art Learning Opportunities for the Week of April 27-30, 2020

Hi Chatham Park Artists,

Wanna try something new at home, try making some air dry salt dough clay! 

Below is an easy recipe for all you clay lovers who have been missing 3 dimensional projects at school. See what sculptures you can make using this easy to make air dry clay.

Learning Objective:

To create a 3dimensional object or form using homemade clay. To use math, science, and fine motor skills while incorporating creativity into your work.

This lesson uses various skills such as math, science, fine motor, and creativity. Math skills can be used in measuring and counting out cups of ingredients. Science comes into play while experimenting with the dry to wet, solid to workable changes in the clay as water is added. Kneading the clay, rolling, pinching, and forming objects works to develop fine motor skills. And finally creativity works in using the imagination to create forms and objects with the clay.

You can double the recipe, and leave your creation to air dry. It can be colored using paints or markers after it is completely dry.

I have included a few ideas of things you can make using the dough, but feel free to create anything yourself.

You can make letters, press things into the clay, create flowers, animals etc...







Check out this youtube link on how to make flowers with your clay: https://youtu.be/Ty6LeUrlZLo

Send in any photos of your creationsecoha@haverfordsd.net

Enjoy creating!!! Mrs.Cohan xo

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