Flexible Art Learning Opportunities for Kindergarten

Tracing Toy Shadows

Learning Objectives: Using a Line to trace a shadow to create a Shape.

Place a toy, or toys, on a piece of white paper outside in the sunlight, or under a light source indoors, and trace the shadow the toy creates on the paper.  Fill in the details of the toy, and color it in with whatever materials you might have at home like crayons, colored pencils, markers, or watercolors.  Here is a sample of my granddaughter Teagan tracing the shape her toy train makes:

After Teagan traced her shape, she used markers to add the details to the train, and then she cut it out and proudly displayed her work of art. 



Her is another sample of a little boy tracing his dinosaur collection outdoors:

Here is a shadow toy I drew, with an extension...create a background for your toy:


I can't wait to see the toys you trace and share with me!!  Please share your drawings with me at : ecohan@haverfordsd.net

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