Flexible Art Learning Opportuities for Fourth Grade

Contour Shoe Drawing:

Learning Objective: Use a contour line (simply put, use a line) to draw what you see, the shape and form of your shoe. 

Arrange one of your shoes in front of you. Try to 

draw the shoe by concentrating on the shoe and not looking down at your paper at first.  This is called a "blind" contour drawing, when you only look at the object and not your paper.  Then try again using the handout I have included to draw your shoe, sneaker, boot, or sandal.  Experiment with different shoes.  You can draw on paper, brown paper bags, the inside of empty food boxes like cereal, pasta, cookies, etc..., newspaper, or old envelopes.  Be creative.

Focus on the outer edge of the shoe first. Then add the interior details (eyelet

holes, shoe laces, designs, etc.).

Looking forward to seeing your finished sneakers, sandals, slippers or any other shoe you might want to draw.  Have fun and experiment....remember to always start with a pencil, and then add details and color with whatever you have. 

Please feel free to share with me if you'd like: ecohan@haverfordsd.net









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