Flexible Art Learning Opportuities for Fifth Grade

Draw What You See Out of a Window in Your House

Learning Objective: Using your observational skills and a line to illustrate the view outside your window.  Begin with the Foreground, what you see closest to you, add the Middle ground, what you see in the middle of the space you are looking at, and finally add your Background.

Draw a view through a window is a challenging exercise in drawing, but there is something rewarding in being able to capture what you can see through each pane of glass.  When you start there will be lots of decisions to be made.  Which window has a good view you want to capture?  Where are you going to sit?  Are you going to be on the first floor of your home, or will you be looking down from a higher floor in your home.  Have fun, and experiment.  Always start with a pencil so you can erase.  If you have any other art mediums at home, you can add color to your work with colored pencils, crayons, markers, watercolors, etc...  You can use white paper, the inside of cereal, cookie, pasta boxes, brown bags from supermarkets, anything you can draw on. 

Here is an example of the work of Henri Matisse looking outside his window from his home in the South of France:

Here are other samples to look at for inspiration:

Have fun with your Window drawings...You be creative with your windows!!  I can't wait to see your view from your window!!

Feel free to share your drawings with me...I miss seeing you and your creativity!!

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