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Coronavirus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus


When is my child too sick to go to school? 

Please see these guidelines for sending your child to school. 

What measures are being taken by the school district to prevent the spread of germs?

Our daily cleaning process for our buildings (classrooms, bathrooms, doorknobs, common areas, etc.) includes disinfection. In addition, the District emphasizes common-sense preventive actions for students and staff. For example, staying home when sick; appropriately covering coughs and sneezes; trying not to touch your face or mouth with unwashed hands, cleaning frequently touched surfaces, and washing hands often.

Our daily cleaning process has always included disinfecting all areas of our schools.

What is the procedure for closing school?

As in the case of inclement weather, there are procedures in place to notify parents if schools will close. At this time, we have not received any guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the CDC, or any county, state or federal health offices about closing school for the Coronavirus.

Diligence in monitoring your children's health and keeping them home as we have requested should enable us to continue to keep our schools open.  

Are there many absences at school?

The District does monitor student absence percentages. In February 2020, our absence percentages were lower than February 2019 and February 2018. We will continue to monitor each week.  

How often will parents/guardians be notified of updates? 

Updates provided to us by county, state and federal health experts will be available on the Health Services page of our website.
We will continue to update this document as questions arise. 

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