Here's what you'll need to draw a Medieval Dragon!

drawing paper

pencil and eraser

markers and/or crayons


1. Start with a pencil

2. Draw the eye, the mouth, then the lower jaw extending all the way down and around the belly and up to the tip of the tail. This curvy line doesn't look like much now, but it will!

3. Go back to the mouth and draw the tip of the nose, the forehead, the neck and then the back and all the way to the tip of the tail, the line growing narrow.

4. Add the back leg (just one for now). Make a big number "2" going right over the belly line.

5. Add a backward "C" for the rest of the leg and make a foot.

6. Now add one small arm up along the neck. Draw right over the neck line. The pencil lines will eventually be rubbed away.

7. Next, add super duper dragon wings, and some spikes, horns, fire, and scales.

8. With a black sharpie marker or crayon, go over the pencil lines you want to keep.

9. Add a back leg and another arm.

10. Add color and an imaginative background. Your dragon could be flying over a medieval castle, or Center City Philadelphia. Remember, dragons come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Whatever you choose will be great! See the illustration below to clarify directions.

I would love to see your dragons! You can email photos to:

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