Imaginary Transportation

The question:  How can you transform a common object, such as a shoe, into a means of imaginary transportation?

Objective: Transform a shoe into a mode of imaginary transportation

Materials: Paper, pencil, markers, crayons, watercolors, and any other art materials you may have available, and of course, a shoe.


·      Picture a setting where our usual modes of transportation would be out of place. This can be futuristic, underwater, above the clouds, or another imaginary setting. Will your vehicle hover? Fly? Skip? Roll? Paddle? Swim?

·      Draw your shoe from careful observation and include the details that enable it to function as transportation in your imaginary setting.

·      Complete the drawing by creating your imaginary setting in the background.

·      Add color using materials of your choice.

·      Be able to explain how your imaginary mode of transportation works.

I'd love to see your work. Send me a picture if you like.

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