Cardboard Arcades

Create your own cardboard arcade using found objects from home

The video, Caine’s Arcade, (click on the blue type to see the video) tells the wonderful true story of a boy named Caine who made an entire arcade using boxes and other found objects.

Watch the video of Caine’s story for inspiration, or use your imagination to create your own arcade game using found objects from home.

You’ll need drawing materials, and found objects such as boxes, bottle caps, balls, toys, string, tape, and recyclable materials.

·       Draw a plan for your cardboard arcade.

·       Collect found objects to use for your cardboard creation.

·       Build and decorate your cardboard arcade game.

Lesson Extension

Ready for another creative challenge? 

Watch Caine’s Arcade 2 and launch your imagination to the next level.

As always, I LOVE to see your work! You can email me a photo at:

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