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Tips and Tricks:

How to Survive Flexible Learning at Home

Recognizing that this is new for us and the kids, here are some ideas on how to help make things go a little smoother. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions. We are here to help navigate as best we can!

  1. Have your child create a schedule of his/her day. There will be some musts, but let them fill in the rest and decide when to do things. Have them check things off as they do them! This will make them feel they have power over their day. We use a daily visual schedule in school so this will be routine for them and help them create some normalcy.

  2. Provide choices. “Do you want to do your reading or math first?”

  3. Children can PLAY school. Let them set up a classroom and play school while they are really doing their work. (I have already seen some of you do this!J)

  4. Let children use special supplies. (i.e. markers, colored pencils, fun paper, etc.)

  5. Children can break up the work with brain breaks and
    movement. Some ideas are go outside if possible, go to gonoodle.com or Cosmic Kids Yoga (can stream on YouTube or Amazon Prime), or have a good old dance party!

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