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Stanford University site. Great math activities for all grades. Excellent articles on math education. Videos as well. Check out the Week of Inspirational Math lessons and videos - something great to do with our students.

Try at the beginning of the year?  Growth mindset, etc.



Great site with web based games and a huge free resources page here you will find downloadable activities, games, and alternate algorithms that could be done in small groups with little to no teacher interaction. e.g. Kakooma, Expresso, Funny Numbers



Challenging math problems worth solving K - 5, aligned to standards



Web site from University of Cambridge, meaningful math tasks.



Free downloads of math activities and centers

Anything that’s in blue is free.



Which one doesn’t belong? Use screenshot (shift command 4). Provides pictures, arranged in groups of four. Students find one of the four that does not belong and defend their reasoning (more than one answer - about their reasoning and arguments).


https://figurethis.nctm.org/index.html  (Designed for Middle School students) The 80 mathematical challenges in Figure This! illustrate mathematics in real-world contexts. Each challenge includes a problem, a tip for getting started, a complete solution, and an extension of the initial problem called "Try This." Additional problems, things to think about, and a description of where the math is used in the real world help support your explorations. You also will find some fun facts related to the problem and some resources for further investigation.

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