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Welcome to Fourth Grade in Room 128 with Ms. Livi

Classroom Information


Focus Teaching:

  • This year Ms. Livi will be teaching Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies classes, as well as an Intervention/Enrichment class and homeroom. As a district we believe that by focusing their planning, professional development, and reflective practices on a limited number of content areas teachers will be able to study more deeply what works and better implement these instructional strategies with their students.


Classroom Rules:

     1. Respect Yourself

      2. Respect Others

      3. Respect the things around you

In room 128, if a student demonstrates exceptional expected behaviors or hard work and perseverance, teachers will acknowledge this by rewarding them with a ticket for a biweekly raffle for prizes and opportunities within the classroom. 


Growth Mindset:

This year we will be talking about how to have a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Our brains grow and change when we make mistakes and learn from them. We can change our mindsets to believe that we can do anything if we continue to work hard at it. We will also talk about the Power of Yet: the difference between not knowing something, and not knowing it YET. 


The power of yet


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