Birthday Celebrations  


We are excited to share in the celebration of your child's birthday!  Please notify Mrs. Bahleda at least one week in advance by email or note.

School policy provides a list of suggested non-food celebrations:

  -Read a book to the class

-Donate a book to the class

  -Direct a cultural activity

  -Teach a craft or game

  -Provide a small token


Scholastic Book Club 



Web Address: Scholastic

Class Code:MWC2Z

Sign up at the above web site. Register by clicking "Don't have a username or password?" link. When prompted, enter the class code from above. This code will ensure that your order is sent to me. 

Select the books you would like to order. You may choose from the many selections, even more then the monthly flyer. 

Send your order online by the due and your child's books will be delivered here to school. 


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