Elementary School Counselor

(610) 853-5900 ext 8100


Important Information


 Jennifer Munch, MSEd

BA Psychology, Villanova University, 2000

MSEd Psychological Services, The University of Pennsylvania, 2001

PA Certification in Elementary School Counseling, The University of Pennsylvania, 2001


Phone: 610-853-5900 ext 8100

Email: jmunchhayes@haverfordsd.net

Twitter: @MsMunchGuidance

Classroom Blog

Haverford Township is a community that is woven street by street, classroom by classroom, child by child.  We remain steadfastly committed to the work of equity, eliminating bias, dignity, respect, and appreciation for each person in our schools and in the greater community. Together, as a Haverford community, we can weave a future that every child deserves. We are stronger together!

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The curriculum is child-centered and focused on the five interrelated sets of cognitive, affective, and behavior competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.  The curriculum encourages students to develop positive self-images, develop healthy relationships with others, and learn effective problem-solving skills.

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