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March 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We hope you are keeping safe during this unprecedented time.  We know this is a time of uncertainty. Please know we are all working hard to support your student during this difficult time. 

The Occupational Therapy department has been working over the past few days preparing activities for you to share with your child.  Some of these activities may look similar to the activities you are already doing with your child and that is great. Many of these activities are suggested for carry-over of skills that were targeted prior to school being closed.  These activities will focus on addressing skills such as fine motor, visual processing, visual motor, executive functioning, sensory processing, motor planning and are designed for many different levels.   

Each week we will be sending an individual email specific to your child's goals. In this email, we will be suggesting activities and/or resources to help your student practice the skills we have been working on in OT sessions. We will be checking our emails at least twice per day. So, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback about the activities. Also, we would love to hear how our students are doing!  

Structure and routine help us all, especially during times of uncertainty and change.  We would advise keeping a daily routine and setting aside time for one or more of these activities at least once a week.  Please know that we do not expect these activities to be turned in.  

In the short term, here is a list of fun activities to try with your children.   

Fine Motor:

*Write a letter to a friend

*Keep a journal of what they do each day. This can be written or can be typed as a document on the computer. 

*Have your child help write or type a list of chores to complete each day or make a grocery list.

*Practice typing by emailing a friend or family member.

*Play games

*We love card games, (UNO, BLINK are some of my favorites). Have your child shuffle and deal the cards. Younger children can match a like suites or numbers.  You can also play Memory using a standard deck of cards. 

*Play dough-you can find all kinds of recipes on the internet for playdough if you don’t have any at home. Students can pinch, push, roll the dough.  They can also practice utensil use by cutting play dough into bite sized pieces.   


Visual Perceptual:

*Play with LEGOs. Use LEGOs to make a design and then have your child duplicate your design.  This type of activity works on fine motor skills as well. Younger students can use DUPLOs or blocks.  

*Put together puzzles.  

*Memory game-you can use standard deck of cards.  


Visual  Motor:

*Cutting-have your child look through a magazine or paper and cut out certain letters. (Ex: look for all the letter ‘a’ and then cut them out). Have your child glue them onto a piece of paper.  


Motor Planning/Sensory:

*Simon Says

*Obstacle courses (inside or outside)

*Go on a scavenger hunt. There are so many trees and flowers beginning to bloom.  Walk around your neighborhood and see how many you can find. 

*Check out the websites listed below for movement activities. 


Functional Tasks (Executive Functioning/Sensory/Motor Planning) :

*Cooking-have your child help you with making lunch or dinner.  These tasks work on a multitude of skills (executive functioning, direction following, gathering supplies, fine motor visual perceptual, etc)

*Laundry-(sensory-proprioceptive input-heavy work, direction following)

*Raking leaves-(sensory-heavy work)


Here are some additional websites you may find useful. 

 www.yourtherapysource.com-  Many freebies on this website. They are separated into categories as well (fine motor, visual motor, etc)

www.abcmouse.com - pre-k to 3rd grade

www.gonoodle.com - Great for crossing midline, motor planning, strengthening and endurance.

Some favorites - Melting Down, Banana Banana Meatball, Pop See Ko, Milkshake, Dinosaur Stomp, all of the Brainercise or Mr. Catman videos

www.pinterest.com - Can give some great home ideas that are individualized to your family's environment and supplies.  

www.youtube.com - endless videos for yoga, how-tos, simple recipes, auditory games, songs and movement, and more! 

www.dancemattypingguide.com - Touch typing practice.

All our Best,

Jennifer Buckley, Alison Fell, Kristina Frick, Petra Ludewig.

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