Fine Motor Skill development

Ideas To Develop In-Hand Manipulation Skills, modified 10/22/18, Petra Ludewig, OTR/L


1.    Playdough/putty--Letters, snakes, balls + pins for “bowling”, eggs in nest (press out center with thumb,) hot dog on roll, cutting putty with old scissors/plastic knife, finding hidden objects

2.    Card games--Deal, shuffle, flip, hold, Uno/OldMaid/Blink

3.    Wind up toys

4.    Beyblades- insert ‘cord’ and pull to activate

5.    Musical instruments- piano, guitar, flute,recorder

6.    Keyboarding games

7.    Puzzles- start with lower number of pieces50-100

8.    Legos, K’neks

9.    Drawing or coloring for comic books

10. Stapler/hole punch/small stickers

11. Buttoning/tying shoelaces

12. Kitchen work, decorate cookies, spread P.B- measuring, mixing, peeling vegetables, fold napkins, peel oranges, etc.

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