Chestnutwold Elementary School eMailer May 1, 2019

Chestnutwold Elementary School eMailer

May 1, 2019


Please visit Chestnutwold’s website for more exciting news and information about events both past and present.

Our website has been updated to show the great activities and work being done at Chestnutwold. Take a look

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Upcoming Events

  • The Science PSSA for students in grades four is scheduled for the following days:
    • SCI (G4 only): Thurs., 5/2, and Fri., 5/3
  • Make-ups will be scheduled for students who are absent during a section of the PSSA.
    • Make up testing will be completed by May 10th.


  • Earth Day Celebrations as part of our STEAM project
    • Delegates will collaborate with officials at Haverford’s CREC on May 1stto work on the grounds and learn about the local ecosystem. 
    • Third grade is heading to the CREC on Friday, May 3rd, to learn how they can support the local animals and their habitat. 
    • Fourth grade is heading to Riverbend on Friday, May 10thto learn about the natural habitat and what we can do to support it.


  • Safe use of Technology
    • Detective Flynn from the Haverford Township Police Department will present “safe use of technology” to our fourth grade students on Friday, May 3rd
    • This activity supplements our guidance program’s initiative. 


  •  “Evening of the Arts” 
    • Thursday, May 9th, 6:00PM 
    • Join your Chestnutwold school community in celebrating our student artists. See how our parent volunteers have transformed Chestnutwold into a majestic collection of music and art. Each student in our school community has been invited to make and share a piece for display. Thank you parent volunteers for making this possible. 
    • The evening begins with a charismatic performance. Our students sing assorted songs and play their recorders in front of over one hundred audience members.
    • Our musicians’ show will be followed by one of the area’s finest student art gallery walks. Stay to tour our halls and enjoy the creative product on display. Let the pleasurable sights sink in. Be amazed by the work our students have produced. 
    • This is possible thanks to the efforts of our parent volunteers. Just one hour of volunteer service to the school community given by each adult in the school community makes the impossible seem ordinary. Stay involved.
    • This is one of our most celebrated evenings on the calendar. We look forward to you joining us.


  • Career Day for fourth grade students is Wednesday, May 15th
    • Our students wrote invitations to professionals in various fields in the hopes they will come to Chestnutwold as their guest to share stories about their career, and inspire interest in pursuing it.


  • Artist in Residence
    • Local award winning artist, Mr. Matt Phelan, will be our Artist in Residence this year. We are privileged to have Mr. Phelan as a Chestnutwold community member, and excited that we have the opportunity to host his visit to our school.
    • “Matt Phelan is the award-winning creator of the middle-grade graphic novels Snow White, The Storm in the Barn, Bluffton, and Around the World and the picture book Druthers. He has also illustrated numerous books for children, including The Higher Power of Lucky, Flora’s Very Windy Day, Xander’s Panda Party, and Very Hairy Bear” ~ Harper Collins. 
    • Mr. Phelan will present small writer’s workshops to our students and share stories that have inspired his playfulwriting style. 
    • You can learn more about  Mr. Phelan here (enjoy the reading):





  • Transportation
    • Spring is here. Children are playing in the streets.
    • Please drive carefully around our school. 
    • Do not block our neighbor’s driveways.
    • Do not park in the car line – please park in the basketball court if needed at arrival and/or dismissal.


  • Dogs are not permitted on school grounds during arrival or dismissal.





ChCK Traits

Aligned to the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education issued by the Character Education

Partnership®, the Character Counts ® program, and findings from multiple sources, our six Chestnutwold

Character Kid Traits (ChCK Traits)are: Responsibility, Respect, Empathy, Trustworthiness, Positive attitude,

and Integrity.



Best regards,

Joel DiBartolomeo

Chestnutwold, where excellence thrives…

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