Chestnutwold Elementary School eMailer June 6, 2019

Chestnutwold Elementary School eMailer

June 6, 2019


Please visit Chestnutwold’s website for more exciting news and information about events both past and present.

Our website has been updated to show the great activities and work being done at Chestnutwold.

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Upcoming Events

  • Student “Move Up” Day – Thursday, June 6th
    • 8:50 AM to 9:30 AM
    • Student in grades K – 4 visit their rising grade level for a sampling of the community that awaits them. 
    • Students and teachers will gather in classroom meetings to discuss grade level activities, routines, and expectations. 
    • Fifth grade students escort their younger peers and sit with them through the classroom meeting experience.
    • Student placement is done by random selection for this activity. 


  • Kindergarten visits in the cafeteria on Friday, June 7th
    • Kindergarteners will visit the lunchroom to experience the routines associated with eating in the cafeteria. 


  • Awards Ceremony, Thursday, June 13th
    • 9:30 AM start time in our Gym
    • Students in grades three through five are recognized for their participation, contributions, and earned awards.


  • Fifth Grade Celebration, Thursday, June 13th
    • A bitter-sweet celebration to recognize our rising sixth graders. This experience evokes great pride and humility in us all.


  • Medication pick-up from nurse’s office
    • Families must pick up their students’ medication from the nursing office prior to departing for summer vacation. 
    • HSD policy states that medical personnel can not send medication home with students.


  • Last day of school for our Kindergarten students is Thursday, June 13th
    • There is no school for AM or PM Kindergarten students on Friday, 6/14/19.


  • Final Day of School for students in grades 1 – 5 is Friday, June 14th
    • Early Dismissal, 11:50 AM for students in grades 1 – 5.
    • No School for kindergarten students on Friday, June 14, 2019


  • Chestnutwold School Community – A National School of Character! 
    • This honor is indicative of our values. Moreover, it is evidence for what is possible when diverse groups of people come together in the interest of a common goal. 
    • Celebrate this accomplishment at home as well. Be proud of the contributions you and our whole school community have made to lift our school to such prominence.
      • Chestnutwold is one of only 88 schools named to this distinction. 


  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
    • Tuesday, June 11th, from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.  
    • We are excited to give back. This is a celebration of you. 
    • Thank you for all you do to support our school. Chestnutwold is the great school community it is thanks to our collective volunteering and consideration. 


  • Library books
    • All books are to be returned the week of June 3, 2019, that is this week!



ChCK Traits

Aligned to the 11 Principles of Effective Character Education issued by the Character Education Partnership ®, the Character Counts ® program, and findings from multiple sources, our six Chestnutwold Character Kid Traits (ChCK Traits )are: Responsibility, Respect, Empathy, Trustworthiness, Positive attitude, and Integrity.


Best regards,

Joel DiBartolomeo

Chestnutwold, where excellence thrives…

Nationally recognized School of Character

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