Book Exchanges, Responsibility for Resources, Mission of Library

1st - 5th grade students have library every week for one hour.

Kindergarten students have a scheduled library class every other week for 30 minutes. 

Book Exchanges

1st-5th grade students borrow two library materials at a time for their personal interest. These books need to be returned or brought into the library to be renewed every week. Additional books may be borrowed for book reports and assigned projects. If students in 1st-5th grades are finished with their books before their next scheduled class, they are always welcome to ask their teacher if they may come to the library on their own and exchange their books on any day.

Kindergarten students borrow one book at a time for their personal interest.


Responsibility for Resources

Students are responsible for the materials they have borrowed. Materials should be brought into the library to be returned or renewed on the scheduled library day. Students are expected to pay for any materials lost or severely damaged. There are no late fees.



Chestnutwold's school library supports the curriculum of our school district and the diverse reading interests of our students. Our mission is to develop a student-centered library media program that provides students with the ability to find, use, and evaluate information efficiently and effectively, thereby fostering life-long learning and to have a welcoming environment that creates a love of reading in all of our students.

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