April 6-8 Chestnutwold Library Flexible Learning for 1-5


Hello Chestnutwold Students! Happy April! Do you have any good jokes** to share with someone? Also, try one or more of these reading challenges. It is not necessary to turn anything in.  See what you can create in 30 minutes. If you can, show or tell someone in your home what you did. You are invited to send me an email or if you’re in 3rd-5th grade, post a picture of your work or comment about it in google classroom if you wish.

Miss you!

Mrs. Dambman

April Showers! It’s Raining Books! Reading Challenges: Try one of these reading challenges this week. If you want to make something, how about a spring theme bookmark such as, “Don’t BUG Me, I’m Reading!” (with bugs reading) Or “Read to New Heights” (with books as kites) OR “It’s Raining Books!” (with your favorite books falling down like raindrops). 

  • Read in your pajamas.

  • Build a fort and then read in it.

  • Read outside.

  • Read with a flashlight.

  • Read with a  __________ (You fill in the blank!)

  • Read to a family member.

  • Read to a pet (real or fake).

  • Read in bed.

  • Read under a table.

  • Read a book two times in a row.

  • Let someone else pick a book for you to read.

  • Read in a robot voice.

  • Read on a beach towel.

  • Read to someone (a friend, a relative) using technology (phone, Zoom, Skype, etc.)

  • Turn on the tv, mute it, and turn on the captions.  Read the captions. Can you read with fluency?

  • Shared reading with a family member - you read a page, your family member reads a page.

  • ________________________________________ (You fill in the option!)

  • Record yourself reading. Be sure to read with expression. Then share your recorded story with your family.


Want something more? Try one of these!

Author Reads

Amy Dyckman : You Don’t Want a Unicorn (Author of Boy + Bot)



Melinda Long: How I Became a Pirate



Or Pirates Don’t Change Diapers



If Dog Man had to do school work at home, what would his desk look like?

Draw It! Construct It! Be Creative!


Lauren Tarshis: I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS1PO-R7wxmaHjw0RzP7ofvVguHzlfU4h


Write a fan letter to Pete the Cat!

He will write back.


Pete the Cat

2126 E. Victory Drive #112

Savannah, Georgia 31404


Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems


** Knock Knock!    Who's there?    Saul.    Saul Who?    Saul there is!!


Thank You to these companies who have opened up their subscription online databases during the school closure:

  1. PebbleGo: Username: engaged  Password: learning

Subscription database for K-3 students for reading and research. Categories include: Animals, Science, Biographies, Social Studies and Dinosaurs.  Includes spoken word audio and text. 

  1. PebbleGo Next: Username: engaged  Password: learning

Subscription database for students in grades 3-6 doing research. Categories include: States, Science, American Indian History, Social Studies, and Biographies. Includes read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting.

  1. BookFlix: Username: Learning20  Password: Clifford

Subscription database for K-3 students. Each topic includes several pairs of books: one classic fictional video storybook and one non fictional eBook. Children learn the difference between fact and fiction. This site includes: books, videos, puzzles, further website suggestions, and meet the author.

  1. TrueFlix: Username: Learning20  Password: Clifford

Subscription database for students in grades 3-6. Read and explore science, nature, people, places and history.

  1. TumbleBookLibrary: No login needed

K-6 children's ebook database.

  1. Brain Pop: Ask your teacher or your librarian for the login for fuller access. Provides animated, curricular content

  2. WorldBook Online Encyclopedia: Ask your teacher or your librarian for the login.

Subscription online encyclopedia - World Book Kids (Grades K-4) and World Book Student (Grades 5-9), World Book Timelines, nonfiction ebooks and much more.


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