Science/Social Studies Assignments

  • Homeroom Flexible Learning

Research Project:

This week you are going to find an interesting topic of your choice to tell us all about. You are going to make sure you are researching a nonfiction topic. You can look on scholastic news, Netflix (they have some really cool animal documentaries), EPIC, trueflix, or watch some movies on brain pop (your parents will just have to create an account for brainpop-free). You may even have a really cool nonfiction book at home that you want to learn more about. You can make a poster, write about it, make a good site, create a model, create a sculpture, or any other idea of your choice. Just post a picture when you are all finished so we can see all about it! You can access the links on the Main Flexible Learning page with username information or below.



Smithsonian's National Zoo:


Scholastic News:



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