Reading Assignments

  • Homeroom Flexible Learning

Due: Thurs. 3/26

Please continue to work on your Unit 7 Week 3 Reading Log that you received last Thursday. I have attached a copy of it in case you have misplaced it. Please read for about 15-20 minutes per day, as per usual.

If you have completed the reading log from last week, you may work on responding to two response topics for the week or you may choose to do one or two of the colored box projects for the week.

Again, you can read anything. Your SSR book, your library book, a book from your shelf at home, a magazine, a book on EPIC, articles in Scholastic News online, or Storyworks online. You can read anything.

Then, choose a way to respond to your reading. Click on the link below of response topics. Read through the list of Reading Response Topics. Choose one and write a paragraph. Remember to check off that topic by placing an x on the line.

Let's give the paragraph your best effort. You can't write a quality response with just a few sentences.

If you want to read on Storyworks or Scholastic News, remember to check out the Resource Links page to get log on information.





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