MIF Chapter 5

  • Mathematics
Chapter 5:  Using Bar Models- Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 5 Big Idea:


Using bar models to solve 2-step, real-world problems involving addition and subtraction was the main focus of this chapter.


·      Students applied the part-whole concept in addition and subtraction to numbers to 10,000.

·      Students used strategies, such as adding on and taking away sets represented by bar models, to add and subtract.

·      Students compared two sets, using bar models.


In this chapter, students learned to solve one step real-world problems and two-step real-world problems where a solution for the second step requires and answer from the first step. Students learned to solve these problems by applying addition and subtraction concepts


Bar models illustrating part-whole and comparisons (or a combination of both) were used to help solve real-world problems. Drawing bar models help students visualize and construct concrete pictures to help them make sense of the relationship between the values given in the real-world problems.  

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