Extra Math Activities and Games

  • Math Flexible Learning

Here are some other fun activities that you can do to practice some math concepts:

Create a Math Game: Create a math game that will review one of the concepts we have learned this year. It could be place value, addition, subtraction, bar graphs/line plots, multiplication/division, rounding and estimating, etc. We were just learning how to identify and count money before we left, so you could always do that, too! Be creative! I would LOVE to see your finished product. Feel free to take a picture of it and explain what your game is. Have fun playing it with someone at home!


Study Island: You can always log onto study island. Go to PA Programs and click on 3rd grade. Click on the Math (PA Core). You can click on any concept that you feel you need more practice with. You can click on the lesson to review the concept, practice mode to practice, or game mode if you want to have some fun and play some games as you answer questions. Your log on is the same username and password as your google drive.


Fraction Golf Game:  Have fun reviewing comparing fractions with this fraction golf game!


Chapter 14 Challenge Packet:  Here is a copy of the chapter 14 challenge packet to work through.


Greg Tang Math: This website has two spring math challenges available.
Feel free to take advantage of these activities.



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