Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of Haverford Township is to educate and to inspire a community of lifelong learners who become well-rounded global citizens. 

The pillars of our educational system are:

  • Our school environment is safe and nurturing.
  • Excellence in education is a shared responsibility in partnership with all district and community members. 
  • Whole child development is vital to our educational system.
  • Supports and conditions exist whereby all students have opportunities to grow and excel in the areas of academic, technical and career, and social-emotional learning.
  • Our decision-making process is student-centered and student voice is valued.

2020-2025 District Goals

Social/Emotional Wellness
Produce a community of empathetic and resilient learners with skills to socially and emotionally flourish.

Prepare Contemporary Citizens
Modernize and expand learning experiences to prepare students as critical thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators, and designers within a complex, global society. 

Diversity and Inclusion
Establish a culturally diverse and inclusive educational experience that develops socio-cultural proficiency.