In 2016, the School District of Haverford Township became one of two school districts in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, to utilize buses fueled and powered by liquid propane in its fleet. Today, the District boasts the most significant green fleet of propane-powered buses in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (46). Haverford has been recognized throughout Pennsylvania for its commitment to utilizing clean fuels in transportation.

  • The School District of Haverford Township is one of several commonwealth districts that actively utilize the Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation to seek alternative fuel grants. 

  • Maintenance savings for propane can be up to 50 percent per bus. These savings include less oil during changes and filter replacements. 

  • Propane's low carbon and oil contamination characteristics may result in longer engine life. Propane performs well in cold weather climates because the fuel's mixture (propane and air) is entirely gaseous when it enters the combustion chamber. This factor allows propane-powered vehicles to avoid many cold-start issues associated with using diesel.